Cargo Conversion

Posted on April 26, 2013

Available for CIRRUS SR20, SR22

sunset light Cargo Convrt

(Black leather is no longer available)

Tamarack Aerospace Group’s Cargo Conversion and Net Upgrade affords vastly improved cabin configuration options for the Cirrus 22 and Cirrus 20, providing versatility for transporting passengers and baggage. This upgrade can be used in place of one or both passenger seats. Carry any cargo, from golf clubs, suitcases, duffel bags and boxed materials to pets in their carriers, safely and securely. With the elimination of passenger seats, each Cargo Conversion and Net Upgrade increases useful load by 23 pounds.




Customer Feedback:

“We think the conversion is just perfect for us. We only go as two and this allows us to literally carry anything we want. Fortunately we’re healthy and active so this means golf clubs, mountain bikes, and enough shoes to hike, bike, golf, white water raft and yes even dress up (if needed). I may even have a couple of rear seats for sale. 🙂 – Life is good.”

– Don Alexander, SR22 G2 Owner and Pilot

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  • Simple, non-structural installation
  • Safer stowage options
  • Cargo net for secure tie-downs
  • Easy owner configuration
  • Three Different Color Duralast Fabric Choices (Silver, Charcoal, or Camel)
  • Easy to remove and reinstall
  • Non-intrusive conversion
  • Increased usable cargo area
  • Increased payload (23 pounds weight savings over passenger seats)
  • Cabin flexibility (2, 3 or 4 seat options )
  • Compatible with the CIRRUS SR20 or SR22














Don Alexander, a Cirrus SR22 owner and pilot, sent us this photo (above)
of his Cirrus Cargo Conversion loaded with two bicycles and two golf bags.
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The TAG Cargo Tray
w/ Net & Baggage

The TAG Cargo Tray Combination Conversion

The TAG Cargo Tray & Net

3D Rotation:

~ Limitations and Conditions ~

Approval of this change in type design applies to the Cirrus SR20, SR22, and SR22T, only. This approval should not be extended to other aircraft of this model series unless the installer determines that the relationship between this change and any previously incorporated approved modifications will introduce no adverse effect upon the airworthiness of that aircraft.

This modification must be maintained in accordance with Cirrus Installation Instructions/ICA Supplement TAG-CRT-201, Revision B, dated October 23, 2012, or later FAA-approved revision.

This STC is applicable to the following serial blocks of Cirrus Design Aircraft:

    • Cirrus SR20 Serial Numbers 1005 and subsequent
    • Cirrus SR22 Serial Numbers 0002 and subsequent
    • Cirrus SR22T Serial Numbers 1001 and subsequent